Long time no see? It’s been a while, since the last post on top marketing and marketing automation articles was published. It’s high time to reactivate this series. January is almost over so I invite you to Top 15 Best Marketing Articles: January 2018.




1. How to deal with negative comments on social media?

What goes on the internet, stays on the internet. All the actions you take can be commented…not always positively of course. You can be pretty sure that not only personal but also your company’s social media posts will have some negative engagement. Left unaddressed, can damage your company’s reputation, product sales, and social conversations. In the article you will learn how you can address negative comments and boost your positive engagement.


2.  GDPR And Children’s Data

GDPR, the new data protection regulation, is the trending topic of the last few months. The internet is flooded by GDPR tips and tricks. But do we know everything already? There is no surprise that children, equally with adults, are the active internet users. Are their rights and personal data properly protected? The article touches upon the topic of protection of children’s data in the light of GDPR and what companies need to know before the new law comes into effect.


3. Voice AI – will it revolutionize the way we shop?

A recent survey found that 29 percent of people who own devices like the Echo and Google Home say they shop via voice, and 41 percent plan to in the future. Is Voice AI a revolution or a temporary trend? Is it worth investing money in implementing Voice AI into your marketing strategy? Which areas can voice-activated shopping alter this year? The answers for the above questions you can find in this article.


4. How cryptocurrency is set to change the customer loyalty program model?

The attempts to digitalize the way of payment were numerous. National governments want to create cashless societies where people transact using digital currencies. Has it already happened? Cryptocurrency, bitcoins and mining…these words are spreading across the internet like wildfire. Maybe it’s time to think, how the cryptocurrency can be used in marketing. Using cryptocurrency instead of loyalty points at UNSW is one of the ideas of introducing digital dollars to the marketing world.


5. Understanding chatbots in the omnichannel contact center

The rise of chatbots and implementation of artificial intelligence into businesses is widely discussed in many publications. The indisputable fact is, that the omnichannel approach altered the way we perceive customer experience. The traditional contact centre – an integral part of many businesses, now is not enough to provide a great customer experience. A modern customer wants to communicate with the businesses on multiple channels. Whether human- or bot-operated, many of our interactions with contact centers today and in the future will shift from phone calls to online rich-text chat sessions.


6. 6 Effective Customer Journey TouchPoints You May Have Overlooked

The sixth position on the list is a post on 6 digital touchpoints at which you can ask your customers for feedback about their experiences with you. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Feedback from your audience, though, is an invaluable source of knowledge and a trigger for improvement. Where marketers should ask for feedback? Read the article and find out.


7. How can small businesses survive the ‘apocalyptic’ changes coming to Facebook?

The recent cut-back of the organic reach has made it more difficult for businesses to reach their target audiences. Especially the small businesses will see a drop in reach and engagement as they rely heavily on facebook promotion. The reason for this change was to strike a balance between the content shared by your friends and family and this by the brand pages. Ok, a noble effort. But what should the companies do now? In the article you will find some tricks to adapt the social media strategy to remain competitive.


8. How I Got Thousands of Leads with One Simple Tool: Quora

Quora is a Q&A platform and a community for intellectuals to voice their opinions. But how can it help the business to generate leads? And thoooousands of leeds? The answer is that the people you are answering to will be directly interested in your services. Anyone who clicks on the question will be interested in your products and services and drive your organic traffic! How to be successful on Quora? Check the article.


9. 7 Mistakes That Will Doom Your Marketing Automation Implementation

If you implement marketing automation – do it right. The game is worth a candle as marketing automation has the huge potential to drive significant revenue growth in companies small and large. It gives you a possibility to learn about your customers, to adjust the content to their needs and to lead more successful, personalized marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation can add great value to your overall marketing efforts, but used thoughtlessly can do more harm than good.


10. Time For Post-Millennial Marketing: How To Reach Generation Z

Millenials were the apple of the marketers’ eye for a very long time. They focused their attention on how to reach the new generation. Although, a millennial marketing still receives a lion’s share of their attention, the new, big group is emerging – Generation Z, also known as as the “Post-Millennials,” the “iGeneration,” and the “Homeland Generation”. Who they are and how to engage them? In the article you will find some post-millennial marketing tips.


11. Live Video Tips For Your Business

Do you know that an average person watches more than one and a half hour of online video content per day? You cannot underestimate its power! Video is a powerful marketing medium: it can impact viewers emotionally using sound, motion and vision, which in turn drives deeper relationships with your brand and its audience. Do you already use video as part of your content marketing? Learn how to utilize video into your business and how to make the most of it.


12. 7 Email Marketing Hacks That Could Destroy Your Business

The good, old email marketing – despite the passage of time and the new competitors like social media or AI & Machine Learning, it is still a powerful marketing tool. It can bring your business a lot of good but is it always the case? Email marketing can fail sometimes, but what to do you avoid failure? The answer is simple – to stay away from trouble, avoid engaging in any of the behaviors described in the article.


13. Can social media help you accelerate business growth?

In the digital era, personalization and customization are necessary to capture  the customers’ attention. Social media has lit up the internet with engaging content for people of every kind. In the quick-changing social media world, it is vital to stay in touch with the customers, and lead your campaigns to address the need of marketing personalization.The challenge of personalizing marketing for each of your consumers is a demanding but viable task.


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14. Find the ways of CRUSHING IT!

In 2009, social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk wrote the global bestseller CRUSH IT! It encourages businesspeople to use internet marketing to turn their hobbies and expertise into a true business. Almost ten years after the first book release, Gary continues the topic with new ideas, lessons learned and case studies that prove how entrepreneurs from around the world are, indeed, CRUSHING IT. With Gary’s trusted methods for personal branding, social media marketing, and entrepreneurship, CRUSHING IT is an inspiring and practical guide to professional and financial success in business. The book is available on Amazon or in other online bookstores from 01/30/2018.