Customize your audience


There are many things that make Event Marketing very similar to a standard B2B model of building Buyer Persona. For instance, the reasons for a low frequency during an event are very similar to the reasons for an empty email box without proposals from potential customers.  


You’re just looking for leads or attendees in wrong places, unspecified environment or channels. Take care of details like the date of an event. If a big conference coincides with your business breakfast, it is almost impossible to convince decision-makers to appear at your show.


Do the research, get insights and verify pain points


What is so important to learn that makes you leave behind everything that you are supposed to do in the office and travel 100 kilometers to listen and take notes? Or even 2000 kilometers? There is one main difference between events that you just can’t wait for to attend and the rest of them.


And it is not about the quality of catering or 5 stars luxury hotel. It is a promise of solving a crucial business problem, receiving know-how which makes your business better at scaling and measuring customers needs.


Don’t be fooled into believing that it is something to manage with expensive questionnaires produced by consulting companies. A simply delivered survey based on your Sales, Customer Success or Support Teams should work in the first place to define crucial pain points of your clients.


Value Added Events


If you gain potential attendees’ curiosity, there are few steps to undertake in order to generate quality leads after an event. Some of the biggest players in conference management know that there is only one opportunity to get an attendee’s attention. So the first impression should remain in the Hitchcock’s style or you lose a chance to make an impact on the audience.


Some of your best employees may be great at selling during the meetings, but can’t handle public speaking. Another one can bring a value to the presentation, however, will not be able to make a connection with a publicity in real-time and eventually send everyone to sleep and not even notice it. The only thing that can eliminate potential threats is casting. Pick the best ones, invest in public speaking workshops and do the roadshow. With decent personal branding activities, you will be able to present a speaker like a business card of your company.


Exhibition and Brand Awareness


What if there were no single candidate that would have this Tony Robbins type of speaking attitude? There is one solution. Promote your business with branding and smart activities. In Ryan Holiday’s book “Growth Hacker” you may find some really good practices on how to take an advantage of conferences exhibition.


Basically, every idea that spreads after an event, makes your brand awareness stronger. If people are putting activities to the spotlight and share it on social media that you bring literally to the table, you just earned more recognition. Great examples of how to use events in a creative way to put a business on the map are tech startups. Today’s unicorns, first of all, get influencers attention that makes a word of mouth marketing around smart companies mind trick promotion.


Cooperation with partners


Last but not least it is all about maximizing effort with every resource you have got. Tony Robbins’s flow like power speaker is not available inside a company? Maybe there are rising stars somewhere on the market that may represent your company or agency?


Case studies or success stories always pay attention. It is not a coincidence that storytellers make a huge impact on the audience. For centuries it was a great way to arouse interest. For instance, ancient Greek epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey were spread mouth to mouth for years. So it is your call on how to promote your business and reach your goals. In cooperation with those similar to Homer’s grandiloquent attitude or maybe entertainers more like Homer Simpson 😉