Marketing automation market is still growing abroad: in Asia, both Americas and Europe as well. These markets have for sure one thing in common: they have pretty the same barriers for digital agencies that look for a marketing automation software and for reselling program in the first place. Few indicators will help to scale up business on every continent, except Antarctica, obviously. Take your time to learn an universal shortlist to allay the fears about reselling program terms.


If you’re looking for SaaS reselling program, choose wisely


Research into the different tools you might represent and pick the tool or tools that are the best choice for the type of your customers and should become the number one KPI. That may or may not include the largest commission — this is just one of the criteria that you’ll bring to the table in this case. The vast majority of resellers make a huge mistake and just stop researching at this point. A real deal here is finding a good vibe between commission level and satisfaction of your customers. Like in the famous catchphrase: It is better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. So apply to reselling programs wisely. And find your place in a partnership that will satisfy both aspects of the business — your income and loyalty of regular customers and the flow of new ones on the horizon of your business growth.


Software recommendation will make an impact on your reputation


Consider tool functions, the customer service they include and what you would need to know to sell it. Recommending the product only on the basis of the commission percentage might be shortsighted. And basically could end up with unhappy customers and poor reviews. In SALESmanago we know quite well about that and just asked ourselves how to build a constant connection between the huge commission level and high-quality SaaS system.


Do not predicate your decision on stereotypes


From the other side, some agencies still follow a stereotype opinion that marketing automation software low commission is a price that they have to pay for a brand recognition. In some cases that makes sense, but basically it is just shortsighted. And it is also pretty fascinating how much leading companies just dealt with it. It is your call if you are ready for reselling software and get less than 20% for that. But don’t lie to yourself that you not only pay for branding. For everyone that look for the comfort of recommending a unique marketing automation system and reach even 65% up lifetime commission, there is only one Leader in Europe.


An implementation may take so long that you lose business opportunities


Every investment takes time. If you really care about your business pain points, you have to find a way to improve your business plan. And guess what. Your competition has actually the same issues. So faster and well-optimized choices give you extra time to outrun agencies in your specific niche. And we know that from our partners when they explain why they joined SALESmanago Reselling Program. Every B2B innovation implement depends on the engagement from both sides. We have successfully accomplished 1000 partnership implementations. Each of the implementation has been completely different and that is actually great news for you. Because we have the know-how to start partner program with you ASAP.


Potential to boost add-on service in reselling program


Let us clear something. Reselling Program will not turn out to be a rocket fuel if you don’t have a strategy. But if you really want to scale up business, the marketing software automation program is your absolutely must have. Simple as that. We have many cases from so many different markets to prove that. Like, Spain, Sweden or even Colombia, and every partner noticed that progress. And development too, which you will see in various areas:

  • spent more money on promotion (website, social media, paid events or any way where you generate quality leads),
  • investment in your office — we believe that your service is out of space, so let your business environment be like that
  • investment in human resources — we guarantee that you will need new employees because someday you might say that you can’t handle new customers
  • or whatever area actually is on the top of your mind — that is your business.


Genuine support is as important as brand awareness


In SALESmanago Reselling Program you gain a feeling of genuine support:

  • customized sales materials,
  • community best practices,
  • account management and consultants dedicated to your niche.

We have large base of success stories, so don’t hesitate to use it for your case. Let us talk about how much training and support you need and we will find the perfect solution. Usability of system and high-service are the core of customer’s need pyramid. Exceptional customer experience is an aspect that builds every leader’s business. So provide your services a marketing automation platform with no limits. And don’t forget to tell us how it goes.


SALESmanago Reselling Program: