Command Center brings to the market a completely new approach to help you easily get on top of the game with all of your marketing activities. This amazing, one-to-rule-them-all feature allows for planning and verifying your work, by giving you a centralized view on everything that’s happening in your marketing processes from the perspective of desired KPI objectives.


We keep working to deliver you tools and possibilities to organize and manage advanced marketing campaigns, and automation processes, on your own, all in one place. That’s exactly what the Command Center can give you. Use it to create sketches of your campaigns by building them from scratch using a simple Drag & Drop wizard to create the perfect campaign. Plan the dispatch of emails, text messages and Web Push notifications for the whole year – all from one panel.


Thanks to the new Command Center feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Build your Marketing Management Cockpit with a centralized view of all your marketing processes and assets organized in Solutions and KPI oriented mode. Get a full understanding of what currently runs in your marketing and what processes are covered.
  • Switch from an ad hoc and siloed way of running campaigns to building comprehensive KPI oriented processes using all available tools and channels at your hand.
  • Use one central point to create and analyze your marketing activities targeting your customers at different stages in their lifecycle, starting from the acquisition to their activation and growing retention.
  • Use the advanced calendar to easily plan and oversee all of the scheduled marketing activities.

Be in control of all of your marketing activities 


The key to a well-organized and well-executed marketing campaigns is good understanding of what’s going on and planning ahead. Command Center gives you the advantage of having more control over managing your activities. What’s great about it, is that you don’t need to click in between different panels, to be sure nothing is escaping you. It’s all collected in one place. 


With the two-tier possibility to manage your marketing processes that the Command Center feature offers, you can build the sketches of your campaigns and plan them out with the use of the Calendar. Build, schedule and control the campaigns, observe how they are performing, and act accordingly, for example by cancelling a certain campaign planned for the future, if you’re not entirely happy about the quality of products or services it was supposed to promote. 

marketing automation

marketing automation