In the martech market, almost everyone uses buzzards such as AI, Machine Learning, Customer Data Platform or Deep Dive – unfortunately, most often without any cover. Our goal has always been to provide real solutions, that’s why in the latest release of the SALESmanago platform we have made available a series of key features, which in a practical way realize these already threadbare phrases.


However, before we go into details, we would like to present the general directions of SALESmanago’s development, which we are implementing together with our clients and an extremely involved IT team. This general product development strategy has 3 key pillars, which aim is to provide marketers not only with the possibility to execute marketing campaigns but above all to provide unique knowledge and analysis of marketing activities.


eCommerce Intelligence 

  • Intelligent marketing recommendations for marketers enriched with AI. 
  • An extended system of hints and suggestions for solutions that are worth implementing in order to achieve even better sales results and increase the value of each individual customer. 
  • Automatically generated process scenarios, including a multi-channel communication mechanism, to reach the customers when they are ready to complete the purchase.

Marketing Investment Management 

  • Detailed analysis of conducted marketing expenses and intelligent ROI calculation. 
  • Advanced mechanisms allowing optimization of conducted campaigns in order to focus on activities generating the best profits with relatively low labor and time expenditure.

eCommerce Command Center 

  • Advanced monitoring and insight into all in-store processes in real time, allowing you to keep track of customer activity and the operation of all in-store marketing and sales processes and also to optimize your campaigns in real time. 
  • Developed communication with the customer with automatic assistant actions that accompany customers throughout the entire purchasing process.

Step by step, implementation of the road map for 2020


Analysis of customer churn prediction and re-purchase


A groundbreaking solution that allows an accurate analysis of each individual customer in terms of the probability of their leave (customer churn) as well as the probability of their re-purchase. Prediction models are based on behavioral and transactional data analyzed by our proprietary machine-learning mechanism, thanks to which we can predict how the probability of a customer leaving or re-purchasing will change in the future. What is more, this module is enriched with advanced Customer Lifetime Value analysis, as well as recommendations for the best channel of communication with the customer. With this information you can easily extend the customer’s life expectancy. In order to make the activities carried out by marketers outside the dashboard as easy as possible, we went one step further by allowing the use of analytical data to create automation processes to be able to direct appropriate marketing campaigns to people, e.g. with a high probability of churning or low probability of making a purchase in order to activate this group of customers using the appropriate communication channel. If you are wondering how to measure the effects of your actions, we have created an additional dashboard for this purpose, which allows you to analyze how the probability of a churn of the entire contact database changes and the probability of making a purchase again.

  Analysis of customer churn prediction  

Let’s talk to the Bot in Live Chat 2.0


Automatic Sales Chat Bot is a functionality that has been awaited by many companies using our Live Chat on the WWW website, previously available only in integration with FB Messenger. It is an ideal solution for eCommerce, which allows you to easily recommend products perfectly suited to the interests of customers visiting your website, without the need for consultants to be involved. 

However, the bot itself in the Live Chat is not the end of changes. Currently, the first stage of the planned three changes for Live Chat 2.0 has been implemented. In order to meet our clients’ needs, in the first stage we have enriched our Live Chat with an extended consultant management panel and a detailed list of conducted conversations. Soon the next stage of changes concerning the conversation panel will be available. At the very end, a cherry on the cake, an advanced wizard to create beautiful, perfectly matching Live Chat conversation windows, which are visible on the website. 


Social proof widgets, show the interest in the product on your website


Nothing works better for making a purchase decision than a social proof of rightness in which we find support for making a move. In SALESmanago we have created a simple wizard with a very advanced mechanism that allows you to show in real-time:

  • how many people are watching this particular product right now, 
  • how many people have just bought the product, 
  • how many people have decided to add the product to their shopping cart.

Moreover, the mechanism itself can be used in two ways. Either to create a beautiful notification in a simple wizard, which will be displayed as a widget on your site, or you can encode your own notification and use the mechanism that we have prepared. 


Sales analysis in the analysis of each single functionality


Currently, in addition to analyzing sales data on our extensive business dashboards, where you can analyze the sources of generated sales in detail, sales data can also be analyzed in individual analytics of conducted campaigns:

  • Sent messages analytics
  • Sent web push notifications analytics
  • Automation Rules analytics
  • Workflow analytics
  • Recommendation Frames analytics

The original attribution models used to measure conversions from each conducted campaign show in a clear and legible way how the customers achieve income from their marketing activities.


Simple pop-up wizard for conducting quick campaigns on the www website


Many marketers for several years have been predicting the end of the pop-up era. Meanwhile, there are more and more elements showing up on websites. What’s more, a clever and thoughtful setting of pop-ups may bring unexpected results. With the growing demand, we have created a simple wizard to create pop-ups that do not contain a contact form. Yes, without a contact form. According to the carried out research, a properly set pop-up containing only graphics contributes to increasing interest in the presented content. It encourages to learn how great benefits can be provided by seemingly simple functionality.


Deep behavioural profiling – discover the strength of the new contact activity monitoring module


At the very end, those who do not know yet our advanced mechanism of monitoring the activity of contacts on the website are encouraged to read the article:

Deep Behavioural Profiling – Webhooks replace Page Views and Webhooks as the most common ways of measuring customer interaction with eCommerce websites

Remember that deep behavioral profiling is a new dimension of monitoring customer interest in a given product. There is a huge difference between analyzing your interest through:

  • the contact entered the page of a given product 
  • the contact went to the page of the given product, looked through the pictures, chose the color, size, checked the availability of the product

With the further development of this mechanism now on the contact card, you can analyze exactly which products the customer was most interested in and where this interest came from.

Deep Behavioural Profiling

Let the final word be a quote: “A man with new ideas is crank until he succeeds” Mark Twain.


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