Perlas Network operates a broad retail network (with over 2000 points of sale) and provides services in the areas of sales, promotion, marketing, customer service, IT and more. The company also offers online lottery services, and it designs, produces and develops products for lotteries.



  • Building relationship with customers and increasing retention.
  • Monitoring customer behavior on the site and building behavioral profiles of the players.
  • Personalized communication with the player and extension of the it’s life cycle.


  • Lead generation
  • Customer communication
  • Automation processes


  • 79% of monitored contacts thanks to adaptation of lead generation to the player’s activity on the website.
  • 92% open rate for automated emails to new customers.
  • 85% open rate for automatic abandoned lottery emails.
  • 250% higher pop-up conversion rate than the market average thanks to the adaptation of it’s content to the user’s activity on the site.

Learn more about the implementation and its results here