Aumaerk is one of the largest and most recognized German meat producers, supplying the most prestigious restaurants and michelin-star chefs worldwide. They manufacture extremely high quality meat in a way that makes it as easy and quick as possible to prepare for their customers.



  • Balancing B2B and Ecommerce business needs between restaurants and private clients.
  • Maintaining growth and segmenting the database based on region, interests and purchases. Pop-ups, sidebar and iframe forms.
  • Personalization of the sales process according to the customer’s preferred type and taste.


  • Pop-ups, sidebar and iframe forms.
  • Dynamic abandoned cart email.
  • Automation rules for segmentation based on lead source and products purchased.
  • Automated emails w/ segmentation matrices for more personalized newsletters.


  • 377% increase in Open Rate from last year, reaching an open rate of 65% for mailings sent by automation rules, including personalized abandoned carts and customer guides.
  • 504% increase in CTR of automated emails from last year, with the contribution of personalization and heightened Click-Through Rate of 22.59%.
  • 240% greater conversion then standard lead generation channels, contributing to a rapid rise in contacts since their usage of SALESmanago.

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