Using a Customer Data Platform can help you with optimizing your website to achieve much higher conversion rates. You don’t have to settle for a meager conversion of 1-2%, with just a few simple actions to improve your website using marketing automation, you can increase it to even 7%. We’re happy to present you with 5 ideas on how to engage your visitors better.

According to an experiment conducted by MECLabs, a simple layout change resulted in a 681% increase in conversions from the website. This is the power of optimization, minor improvements stacking up to result in major increases both in direct sales and in acquisition of visitor’s personal data. SALESmanago is uniquely equipped to help you through tools such as website automation, dynamic pop-ups and recommendation frames or a LiveChat option. Even a small difference in the personalization of a displayed pop-up can result in a 7% conversion rate of anonymous users into leads, which can then be used in personalized campaigns.


Choose the best-suited scenario for recommendation frames to encourage the customer to buy more products


Personalize the offers presented in your online store, both for monitored and anonymous users, using our own, unique SALESmanago technology to place recommendation frames on the website. The advanced creator of responsive frames with any layout and appearance, allows you to add automatic recommendation scenarios, including AI mechanisms, and live preview of frames on the site. By placing them on product pages or in shopping carts, you can increase sales conversion in your ecommerce by using cross-selling or up-selling. Use different recommendation mechanisms depending on where the recommendation is placed on the website:


Increase your customer database and the probability of purchase using Website Automation and LiveChat


Provide website visitors with fully automated and personalized pop-ups, web pushes, or LiveChat in real-time using Website Automation. This function allows you to select what message will be automatically displayed to the customer who is interested in a specific part of your website.

Set LiveChat to be displayed to visitors when they open the page with the chosen product category a certain number of times, or if they spend too much time on the product comparison page for the consultant to help them choose. Thus, increase your contact base and the purchase occurrence, e.g. by offering them a discount coupon by a consultant for people subscribed to the newsletter.


Motivate customers to make a purchase by showing the number of people interested in the last pieces of the product at promotional prices


Place widgets showing the degree of customers’ interest in each individual product on your store’s website. Use the Social Proof module to show your website visitors how many people are viewing the same item, how many people have added it to their cart, or how many have already made purchases. This way, increase their interest and build trust by showing how many users use your store. Motivate your contacts to buy the last pieces of the product at promotional prices, showing that not only they are interested in the offer.


Use Automation Rules to match the content of your personalized banners to customer searches and show your customers individual promotions


Adjust the content displayed on personalized banners on your website, so that visiting customers immediately find the offers and promotions that interest them. Thanks to personalized banners, you can define rules by which, in place of general offers, you can display those individually tailored to the visitor’s profile based on:

  • the stage of the sales funnel,
  • assigned tags,
  • scoring set.

Reward regular customers with the highest scoring with premium users promotions, and special discount coupons for those who are at the cart stage.


Optimize your campaign’s performance using A / B / X tests


Test and compare the results for 4 different campaign variants using A/B/X tests and choose the one that brings the greatest effects, attracts the most attention of customers, and most effectively encourages them to take the desired action.

Create different variants of contact forms and find out which one generates the highest conversion on your website. Compare the number of clicks during the test, average CTR and on this basis check whether you are using the SALESmanago functions in 100%, or if you still need to do some work before you can take the full advantage of their capabilities.


Marketing automation

Marketing automation