Acquiring a customer is not an easy task. Convincing them to buy your product is a long, long journey consisting of several steps that need to be completed at the top-notch level to reach the longed-for success. To make your work a little more pleasurable, we have prepared an appropriate song, one for each stage of customer acquisition. Rest assured, the songs we’ve chosen are safe for work, so feel free to sing along under your breath!


1. Research in the beat of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor


Welcome to the first step of customer acquisition. You still have a long way to go before the final, most exciting stage – closing the deal – full of phone calls, conversations, emails, and probably stress. But the perfect beat for this, really the initial part of the journey, would be the song “Eye of the Tiger”. 


Be the eye of the tigerrising up to the challenge of our rival and find your prey in the night, faster than the competition!


2. Contact them, while softly swinging in the rhythm of Adele’s “Hello


Hello, it’s me! 


You, contacting a potential client is one thing, but them responding to you is a whole different story.  What to do when they aren’t replying? Do not overthink and simply ping them! Hello, can you hear me? 
Still nothing? If you try to contact them a third time, don’t worry, you won’t come off as a total Creep.


3. Convince them that your product is “A Kind of Magic” like Queen once sang!


If you are already at this stage, it means that your pitch to the customer has been successful! Congratulations! But if you think that you’re done, you’re wrong! Now, let the fun begin.


Show how your product is different, that it is one dream, one soul, one prize! Make them want to possess it, make them go mad for it! Show your customers the magic behind your product because it is the ultimate, one and only thing that a mortal man can win this day.


4. Following Linkin Park, it’s “One step closer” to the deal


Perturbations are a real pain in the ass. You think to yourself: 

I cannot take this anymore, I’m saying everything I’ve said before. 


But the prospective customer goes on and on: 

Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge. And I’m about to break but I need a little room to breathe. 


Just hold a little longer and the next song you can sing is…


5. Queen’s “We are the Champions


Yes, yes, and yes! You’ve got it! It’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. But you got your deal. You are happy, your now, freshly minted client is happy and most importantly, your boss is happy too. 


Despite the fact that you had to go through so many conversations, and frankly that you had this agreement in your head even while you were asleep, you can now sing without interruption We are the champions, my friends!


Cherish it, enjoy it, think about what you would spend your commission on. 
…well actually, hold your horses, with another rising sun you have to make a new deal, and it’s like a Never ending story...