In 2021, more than half of marketers will use LinkedIn for marketing and advertising, according to the new eMarketer report. B2B companies have the greatest opportunity to reach potential customers on LinkedIn.


At the beginning of 2020 LinkedIn reached 675 million users. According to eMarketer, this year 49.6% of companies with over 100 employees will use LinkedIn for advertising and marketing. Next year it is expected to be 50.3%.


LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies


As the authors of the report indicate, LinkedIn is the preferred platform for B2B companies wishing to reach “professional” customers. The platform itself has made it easier for marketers over the last few years by introducing features that allowed them to reach a group based on their education, workplace, internship or industry they working in. 


From the perspective of B2B companies, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for reaching potential customers, especially since 61 million users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions – an ideal target group for many businesses.


LinkedIn has a wealth of first-party data on a professional audience and unique B2B targeting capabilities. This will continue to drive increased use of the platform as a marketing tool in the coming years”. –  says eMarketer senior analyst Oscar Orozco.


LinkedIn will become increasingly attractive for B2B companies, especially with new markets emerging


In the coming years more and more companies will treat LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Already now, according to the platform itself, it is the most frequently used channel for content distribution by B2B marketers. 


Today, most of the platform’s users come from the US (167 million), but as new markets develop, the number of potential B2B customers will increase, and therefore the marketing and advertising traffic on the platform will increase.


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