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Drogeria Pigment Case Study

About the company

Drogeria Pigment is a unique and niche brand of natural and organic cosmetics, in which a significant role is played by valuable compositions. It is a Polish company that proudly supports and promotes native producers and local manufactures. Their assortment also includes global and professional brands, including the extremely dynamically developing category of Korean cosmetics. The offer of Drogeria Pigment is based on brands that take into account the latest trends and a wide range of mineral products that not only embellish but also care for the skin’s good condition. They dynamically develop the offer of makeup brushes, responding to the needs of their makeup artists and make-up enthusiasts.


  • Activation of loyalty program participants.
  • Increase sale and conversions from the generated traffic.
  • Acquisition of new customers.
  • The ability to monitor and analyze transaction data in a simple way


  • Automation of the loyalty program
    Recovering abandoned carts Challenges Realization Each month, all customer transactions are counted, and when the total number of transactions reaches or exceeds the given threshold, the automation rule immediately sends an e-mail with a discount coupon for next purchases.
  • Recovering abandoned carts
    If the customer adds products to the shopping cart and does not complete the transaction, the system will automatically send an e-mail message send to him an email 4 hours after leaving the cart.
  • Advanced database segmentation
    Contacts in the database are segmented by their activity on the website depending on the browsed and searched offers. Thanks to active RFM analytics module, clients are segmented by their transactional data depending on the frequency of purchases, their value and time from the last transaction.
  • Lead generation
    Application of integrated contact forms and a web-push notifications is used to acquire new contacts. Web-push consent form is displayed few seconds after the site visit and every two days when the consent is not given. Thanks to numerous entries, Pigment sends web-push notifications regularly when promotional campaigns are in progress or when new products appear.
  • Sales dashboard
    The system shows the process of acquiring contacts on an ongoing basis and allows to track the value of generated transactions.


  • 700% ROI for the entire SALESmanago implementation
  • 400% higher OR messages in the loyalty program in relation to mass messages
  • 240% higher CTR in the loyalty program in relation to mass messages
  • 300% higher OR of dynamic messages recovering abandoned shopping cart in relation to mass messages
  • 280% higher CTR of dynamic messages recovering abandoned shopping cart in relation to mass messages

Possibilities of development

  • Implementation of the AI recommendations to match better product offers in mailings.
  • Implementation of recommendation frames that complement the value of products for free shipping and a recommendation frame displaying complementary products.
  • Expanding automatic mailings for contacts in various segments.
  • Using new marketing channel, including Facebook or mobile marketing.
  • Using web-push notifications after an abandoned shopping cart and visit.