SALESmanago Marketing Automation presents a module that integrates Live Chat with Marketing Automation processes directly. By using complete behavioral and transactional profiles, users can send ready-made personalized product recommendations during the conversation with one click. It’s one of the first solutions of this kind in the world.


Live Chats have become extremely popular in the recent time. All of them provide basic ways of communication between the company and the customer. The solution prepared by the Cracow-based company opens multiple possibilities to take this communication to the next level by reinforcing basic chat features with the whole power of SALESmanago platform.


This SALESmanago solution combines Live Chat, a smart system of behavioral profiling, and a powerful recommendation engine.The recommendations are based on the AI & Machine Learning Algorithms, last viewed and purchased products.


Moreover, SALESmanago Live Chat is is a powerful tool for collecting customer data. Its built-in mechanisms allow for a progressive contact form to be sent during a conversation. The form contains fields requesting the data that is missing on the contact’s card in the database.


“From the very beginning, our Live Chat  has been designed as an integral part of the Marketing Automation system, so it is naturally and deeply integrated with it. During the conversation, the consultant has immediate access to a customer’s profile card that not only provides basic information about them – their full behavioral profile but also personalized product recommendations that reflect their behavior and interests, including those selected by our advanced AI Copernicus engine. With a single click the consultant can choose the right offer for a given customer. It transforms the plain chat into an effective tool not only for support but also for sales. Of course our Chat allows for complete automation and the use of our unique solution – Sales Chat Bot, which, in the absence of an active consultant, can lead the conversation for him. It uses both an expert knowledge base and artificial intelligence.” – says Konrad Pawlus, CTO and co-founder of SALESmanago.


You can build the whole process and adjust the chat window in SALESmanago, without a need to switch to any external panel. In the system you will also find complete analytics of marketing actions made within this communication channel.


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SALESmanago is the European fastest growing, cloud-based online Marketing Automation platform used by over 10,000 companies all over the world (Orange, Oriflame or Amrest, that manages brands such as KFC, PizzaHut and Starbucks, WWF, Yves Rocher, Timberland, Aviva, Praktiker, Lacoste, Hilti, Telefonica), mostly B2C and Online Stores, that manage databases of over 200 million customers. Using the power of real-time website and mobile application behavior analysis, SALESmanago enables customers to fully personalize email marketing, dynamic website content, social media and mobile marketing.

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