Not so long ago we’ve presented you the life cycle of lead – from casual and anonymous visitor straight to the loyal customer. Client’s relationship with a brand is shaped differently at each stage. The beginning is always difficult – you must earn the trust of a complete stranger, to convince her to pass one of the most valuable things in a world dominated by information noise – contact details.

Going further it’s not getting any easier tho. Customers truly like to receive free stuff – information, freebies, special offers – but only under one condition: they have to be useful and don’t cross the thin line of privacy. So you’d better know what gains the attention of this one person (from among several thousand other visitors on your website) at this very moment, right?

Finally, when you somehow miraculously reach the purchase, it’s almost over. You’ll ‘only’ have to: build loyalty and keep the interest of each of the acquired customers. A piece of cake isn’t it? Rather the 15-course dinner with not-so-excited in-laws!

But wait! After all, you have your faithful and tireless helper – Marketing Automation Platform. And we can assure you that we have all the tools needed to meet the needs of both your and your customers at every stage of your relationship. Today’s infographics might appear a bit unusual because it is rather a brief cheat-sheet instead of a fistful of images and graphs. It’ll help you adjust the features and the time of their usage at any lifecycle stage. Ready? Let’s go!