Looking into Marketing Automation system, one realizes the myriad of new prospects and means to effectively reach potential and current clients. Marketing Automation market grows at a very high rate and more and more companies start taking advantage of marketing and sales automation. However, before they begin, the question arises: is it worth investing in such solution and will it really bring benefits?

In most cases the answer is one: YES! The research into Marketing Automation utilization clearly indicates that companies which skillfully implement such software, achieve much better results and expand much faster than the rest. Below, you’ll find 5 essential arguments to implement Marketing Automation from the CEO perspective.

1. Greater capabilities of budget analysis and management

 Marketing Automation SALESmanago allows for precise measurement of what works best in marketing and sales campaigns. Once we are able to accurately investigate their processes and influence on revenue achieved, we can knowingly control a single penny we are to spend. The marketing department itself gains the ability to focus on optimization of recurrent processes. Thus, it’s easier to scale whole campaigns, which prove most successful.

63% of companies beating competitors takes advantage of Marketing Automation –                The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups, 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study

2. Significant constraint of ‘clashes’ between marketing and sales, higher trust and better results

Within the company, marketing and sales often act quite independently. Marketing usually complains to sales that they neglect their input in the target being realized. In turn, the sales complains about the quality and amount of leads received. According to the research, as much as 49% of sales departments ignore more than a half of contacts provided by marketing. Per contra, Marketing Automation changes this circumstances. First of all, the platform for cooperation appears. Marketers identify and monitor potential clients behavior from a very early stage. Thanks to this, they can educate clients and deliver them to sales department at the right time. Salespersons receive high quality leads, together with their behavioral profiles. They see what client knows and what he’s interested in, even prior to the initial sales contact, and this leads to higher sales.

Companies, which successfully worked out permanent cooperation between marketing and sales report approximately 31% annual revenue increase – Aberdeen Research

3. Higher effectiveness in marketing

The classical marketing profit with Marketing Automation is the time saved. However, the savings appear in many areas. We gain in simply edited templates for multiple usage emails, forms and landing pages creators and automated campaigns, which work non-stop 24/7, without our assistance. It all means, that our marketing machinery works more accurately and punctually than it would be possible with manual activities.

4. Higher sales, lower costs

With Marketing Automation, marketers collect information about needs and interests of potential clients, which are then delivered to salespersons. For them, it’s really valuable source of knowledge, which allows to master the sales process. Salespersons know how to contact, when and what for. This way they focus on those potential clients, who genuinely want to make a purchase. It’s possible because marketing built relation with client, gained his trust sending him essential information and through education led to purchase decision and sales department.

Additionally, Marketing Automation was able to provide salespersons with the list of potential clients with highest priority. Such list is created on the basis of scoring, where the points value represent engagement and readiness for purchase for each identified client.

With Marketing Automation, sales people spend 20% time more on effective sales and sell more at a lower cost.

5. ROI optimization

Marketing Automation SALESmanago not only allows to measure ROI but above all grants information on what and where we are to amend to make ROI grow constantly. Analytics available in Marketing Automation systems makes marketing department start to spend money supported by real mathematical data, rather than hunch or intuition. Thanks to this, marketing becomes measurable and predictable field of knowledge.

To sup up

Each company wants to save and revise their results where it’s possible. Marketing Automation allows for both. It equips company with tools which change the picture of work in sales and marketing departments and grant higher effectiveness and greater revenue.