Marketing Automation keeps growing. It’s been the fastest developing software sector for marketing and sales. However, despite its quick growth and huge prospects, it’s still relatively unexplored among industries not being purely technological. Marketing Automation can be implemented in practically every industry and boost company market position. Below, we introduce 6 industries, which could profit most, opening for Marketing Automation solutions.

1. Sport

Sport is essentially virgin territory for Marketing Automation systems. Yet, premier sports clubs appear, where they have found out perfect way for communication with their fans. Taking advantage of Marketing Automation SALESmanago they can learn about fans interests and preferences, communicating with them via email and text messages or WWW page. Sports clubs can build up fans engagement sending them interesting information about the club, games or associated events through the communication channel the fan reacts to most often. Another interesting idea is attracting fans to participate in Facebook competitions. This way, each contestant is signed up to the fans base and at the same time their devotion to the club is strengthened.

Taking advantage of Marketing Automation we can automatically:

• Send latest information about club life
• Remind about upcoming games
• Send current results, tables and statistics
• Promote season tickets and fan shop gadgets
• Send transfer updates and many others

2. Real estate

Real estate market slowly discovers the advantages of Marketing Automation in their field. In this case, the sales processes are pretty long and require permanent contact with client and even leading him by the hand most of the time. Messages can be sent in fixed intervals, for example: every week or in reaction for client particular behavior, like opening email messages.

Messages sent this way can automatically include offers tailor-made for the client and based on factors like:

• Property location
• Square meters
• Price
• Practically every additional features required by offeree

Thus, we keep in touch with the client, sending them best matching offers, based on their behavior.

3. Finances

The market for financial services is another area, where staying in touch with current and potential client is essential. Simple alerts for call centers will make them contact those persons, who are really looking for a particular offer in certain moment. Additionally, email messages will start to provide clients with precise information on services they were reading about on WWW page. Tailor-made and personalized information builds relations with client, positively influences his loyalty and limits the amount of contact terminations. Sending information clients need, we show we do care about them.

4. Automotive Industry

Car dealing is one of those processes one may earn most only after selling base product – a car. Marketing Automation enables to sell vehicles more effectively, as well as additional services later on. Information about clients and vehicles they purchased is kept in the system. Thus, a message regarding particular client needs can be sent and is based on vehicle model, purchase date and servicing history. Clients receive precise, targeted offers for following purchases as well as reminders about service actions like oil exchange.

5. Alarm communication

Marketing Automation comes in handy not only in marketing or sales but also in situation when we must reach huge number of people with crucial message as soon as possible. The range is practically unlimited and we may reach thousands of people by email, text message, vms or social media. The message can be automatically linked to location where the recipient abides. In addition, after initial message, each that follows can be accordingly tailored to changing situation, so that the people are instructed adequately till the danger finishes.

6. Non-profit organizations

Non-profit institutions wrestle with the problem of limited human resources and insufficient budget. Marketing Automation helps them reach all volunteers and partners involved in their work, what might be hardly possible if done manually. Campaigns encouraging to apply for grants and subsidies can be activated automatically, basing on people behavior. Thanks to the fact, organization employees can focus on event organization and more effective work. Non-profit organizations can take advantage of the following:

• automated newsletters
• automated thank-you-messages for donation
• automated campaigns directing to WWW page, where donation can be sent
• automated social media communication service

Implementing Marketing Automation in each of above mentioned industries is based on building and establishing continuing relation between client and company. Communication in more and more competitive market is one of most relevant tasks in every company, which aspires to be successful and present in consumers’ minds.