Effective spread of news about your business is possible on every market now. Discover SALESmanago-tried ways of skillful recommendation systems. With these several pieces of advice, you can build your own recommendation network thus providing a constant development of your business.

Recommendation from the trusted business partners is crucial and, frequently, a deciding parameter in taking up a cooperation among B2B companies for years. That is why many companies decide to let their customers promote the services and products they provide. It is much easier to reach every person in the world now, at least according to Mark Zuckerberg. Several years ago Milgram’s hypothesis known as the six degrees of separation stating that reaching every human in the world required 6 steps had the leading edge. However, in the era of digital revolution, the CEO of Facebook claims that we need 3,17 connections on average.

Shortened time of reaching people of our interest poses a challenge – how to build reputation and gain recommendation from the possibly largest audience that can make crucial connections with potential business ambassadors?

Choose a form of a recommendation that fits your business model best

Who has ever started cooperation with any trading partner without carrying out basic competitor analysis or getting an opinion from trusted business partners? Exactly.
SALESmanago business model is based on a close cooperation with strategic partners and clients. Thanks to our partners’ courtesy we can share their opinion about the cooperation. They have described how much the value of marketing automation added to the pace of the business growth.

That is why SALESmanago website contains a knowledge center abundant in case studies and testimonials. Each case study presents the challenges, implementation processes, and the final results. According to the old but still up to date rule that even the most innovative and PR/marketing does not guarantee the constant growth if your customers are not happy with your solutions.


Read case studies of our Clients and Partners

How do SALESmanago Partners work

Decent benchmark showing that these activities are not the domain of only one market are our diamond and premium partners from Spain, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Each of them prepared strategies for acquiring new customers within SALESmanago Reselling Program fitted to the character of the local market.

Spanish agency Emred generates 200% more sales since SALESmanago implementation, improving CTR by 1500% and OR by 70% with personalized emails. Emred makes use of SALESmanago Knowledge Center adapted to the customers’ needs briefly explain how SALESmanago system works. This way a potential customer receives:

  • navigation to the most interesting platform features
  • significantly faster implementation
  • the occurrence of anticipated effects


Data Talks, our diamond partner from Sweden, dedicated their time to create the Success Stories tab on the website where you can find the opinions of our key customers in the form of interviews. A straightforward form lets you uncover the most crucial information about:


  • the company’s position before the implementation
  • the process of implementation
  • the future prospects of business thanks to marketing automation


In the case of our Premium Partner MARCO from the Czech Republic, you will find a bunch of key customers’ testimonials. A Portfolio section was built with 10 types of client groups. In Marketing Automation section the agency presents a dozen or so software implementation testimonials that brings:


  • Explanation about goals to reach,
  • Testimonials about success story and confirmation of agency competencies,
  • Client’s characteristic in the form of a short bio.

Give your customers an opportunity for a partnership

Apart from the website being continually supported by Adwords, SEO, social media fan pages, and RTB ads, it is still the right thing to do to develop old but still sharp email marketing. The good mood could be creating a newsletter that doesn’t have to be necessarily a reminder of a company existence with which you have happened to cooperate some time ago.

We are talking about a newsletter that could serve educational purposes. Articles, reports, ebooks, webinars and the participation in events allow for actual knowledge growth, expansion of the contact network and increase the effectiveness in getting new sales opportunities. Try to add to the newsletter, just for the informational purposes, the companies that decided to trust you and become your partners/customers; include new testimonials or links to the discussions group in social media.

In this way, you give your potential customers access to knowledge, so important and dynamically changing, how to build a well-prospering business but also how to build a society that invest their time in recommending our solutions among their own contact network.