We have received numerous messages with the question about our views on lead generation in Partnership Program. That is the reason why we post this article on our blog. Read the shortlist of insights that bring a scale-up in digital marketing.



Keep your audience up to date, but forget about spamming in the first place.


Respect your customers’ time. It is not necessary to share every news about your company with customers. If your industry recognizes you as one of the best players in the ranking, it is truly a fantastic news. But this is a kind of a message that should be placed in a newsletter column.


Because you have been ranked in the top 3 among agencies ranking, it is not the reason to spam your customers with such news. For sure, it’s fantastic news for you, but your customers may not be bursting with happiness as you are.


Let’s be honest.


Delivering is not only a core of businesses like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. It is actually to be or not be for every company which wants to use support for building industry advantage. If something goes wrong with deadlines, massive emails about new features don’t make a good impression on clients that are just waiting for implementation so long that barely remember what it was. This is the main reason why intuition and sensitivity are so important when you want to brag about your service so badly.


What Partnership Program has taught us about B2B communication for 4 years


In Europe, we were trendsetters in Partnership Program since 2014. Some of the biggest corporations like Microsoft or HubSpot already had reselling solutions. And it was one of the benchmarks for the startup from Poland.


Nowadays we still behold the trendsetter label in marketing automation software. So, if something works in our Partnership Program we guarantee that in the next few months some of the top players in the industry will copy us like they always do 🙂


The main lesson that we received is about encouraging to testing and experiments. In SALESmanago Family we just not take any excuses in marketing performance. That is why we prepared a knowledge journey for over 1000 worldwide partners and over 10 000 customers. And you will be able to receive here hints and advice on how to manage your digital marketing like the best players.


We believe that you enjoy testing, experimenting and try new things too. So our platform will be for you like the first trip to a funfair. We hope that with SALESmanago support and  Artificial Intelligence you will conquer your customer’s hearts and wallets.

The main value of that cooperation is that we learn from clients and partners too. So we scale SALESmanago business simultaneously.


Read here success stories that represent our platform explosive potential: https://www.salesmanago.com/marketing-automation/case_study.htm