¾ of Facebook users and ½ of Instagram users use those services on a daily basis. More than 50 million companies use Facebook Business Pages, and as much as 2 million use them for advertising. Wouldn’t it be a shame if no one used its marketing potential?


To profit from having social media profiles you have to run them wisely. It is not enough to throw 15 pics of funny cats and wait for the flood of transactions in the online store, which sells, let’s say lawn mowers. You need to know what content to share, when to do it and how to promote it. Also, find the target audience and learn how to optimize budgets.


On the blog, we collect useful tips on managing time and budget and using marketing automation in social media. We have:

We also collected some pieces of advice for people involved in mobile app marketing:

Impressive, huh? We decided to gather this knowledge in one place and we prepared a guide to social media platforms dedicated to ecommerce owners and marketers. Download the ebook and learn:

  • the differences between Facebook and search engine
  • what to publish in different services and when
  • how to effectively automate social media marketing with marketing automation


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