Do you remember the first essay you ever wrote? Do you remember how long it took you to get started? Some of us – the lucky ones, had had a teacher who explained the methodology of writing. The rest kept dreaming of a handbook that would guide them, step by step, through the whole process…


Beginnings tend to be difficult. Even if you went through every wise book in the library, applying knowledge is always a challenge. Theory is one thing and practice is another. That’s the real reason behind the huge popularity of all kinds of cheat sheets, instructions for dummies and checklists. Never underestimate a guidebook written by an expert ready to share their own experience.


Creating and running an eCommerce business is genuinely satisfying and brings tangible profits… as long as it’s done right. We help our customers in many ways. We see the process from several different perspectives. Not once, nor twice we saw them make their first steps with a marketing automation platform. These beginners and early adopters of new technologies are a huge part of this blog’s audience. Now, our goal is to convince them to abandon the campaign-based approach to marketing and adopt a more holistic outlook.

It goes a long way toward easing the contact between them and our tech support experts, but also allows them to fully appreciate the software we’ve devotedly built and developed over the last 5 years.


For all those who just want to try specific features of SALESmanago without paying a full license, and for those who want to know exactly what they want and are experienced enough to compose their own tool, we launched SALESmanago AppStore – a service that lets people mix and match features and build a custom set out of modules that match their current needs.


We want to share our experience as well. We know how to adjust marketing tools to specific business needs and how to devise and pursue viable strategies for eCommerce. We’ve already shown you the infographics with the most effective sets of features from our AppStore. And now we’ve written an ebook that will teach you in what order to implement tools, and why it’s worth your while.


Click this banner to download the ebook. We hope you’ll like it!