The strength of the successful marketing campaigns often lays in their simplicity. We – marketers surrounded by marketing novelties and spammed with their creators’ ideology – tend to forget that sometimes the easiest way is the best way.


We also forget another important truth – simple doesn’t mean plain or vulgar. Simple tool, such as an email doesn’t have to constitute coarse, rough spam emails with sales offers. The popular solution, which is marketing automation platform, adds this magical ‘ je ne sais quoi’, this brand new quality to the well-known tools like email, sms, pop-up or push notification.


Numbers don’t lie


One of the most basic tools – email – also happens to be one of the most effective ones. As many ans 95% of companies that use marketing automation software leverages email marketing module (Regalix). By the way, email marketing and marketing automation are meant to be together. According to VentureBeat, almost 60% of companies that use email marketing vendor services are likely to buy marketing automation platform.


After you master the elementary rules of company / client communication, you can start, step-by-step, building more elaborated campaigns. One of the examples of the perfect merge of email marketing with automation rules is Lead Nurturing. The name stands for campaigns that educate leads with bite-sized portions of knowledge about the company and its products. The first-time visitors seldom are ready to make purchase. The education cycle can shorten the process for 15-20%of them (Gleanster).


Another example – abandoned cart emails. While 69% of shopping carts is abandoned, up to 75% can be recovered (Source). Actually, this game IS worth the candle. Sending emails with the items that were left in the cart with a small incentive to finalize the transaction can work miracles. According to one of our clients, dynamic messages to save abandoned carts achieve spiking 320% conversion rate compared to standard email campaigns.


Pair them to ace them


When you already rock the basic tools (we have an ebook about it!) try to pair them to boost their effects. Of course, we encourage you to try them on your own in our store with platform modules. However, for the starters you might want to take a look at this infographics cheatsheet. It provides some unbreakable strategies to implement while you running toward your ecommerce success.