To have, or not to have a fanpage? How is it with this whole Facebook? Can ecommerce owners find a good use for the biggest social network to generate some tangible results?

First, one has to understand the specifics of this medium. Facebook is not a search engine, as I already wrote here. Facebook is a service where each of us creates and builds up their virtual representation. We log in for social activities and entertainment purposes. And while some might say that shopping is kind of a hobby and a way to entertain oneself, still no one opens Facebook with: “Oh! How cool! Imma buy this lawn mower I’ve needed for a long time!” in their mind.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean, that ecommerce companies should give up on a blue network. Au contraire! A reasonably-run fanpage can bring in a lot of revenue and complete the marketing strategy with a brand new channel.

Marketing software vendors, including  marketing automation platforms developers, try to meet this need in a halfway. In addition to the regular post planners and interaction analysis panels, they started to make a good use of Facebook-dedicated bots (bots can run a simple customer conversation via Messenger, connect interlocutors with a consultant, and even show selected product from a catalog), and include mechanisms of self-learning artificial intelligence into automation processes.

Through external integrations, these platforms make it easy to create ads as well as to create target audiences based on one’s database. In addition, they also have the ability to link the online store with Facebook so the companies can sell through fanpage and Facebook widgets as well.

As you can see, Facebook opens up a whole bunch of opportunities for ecommerce owners and marketers. I decided to collect the basic knowledge – a sort of Facebook marketing know-how – on the infographics. Feel free to dig in! And if you like it – you can share it with your friends… on Facebook 😉