Such a question can be found on the Quora portal. It’s not surprising. Choosing suitable tools is always so challenging. The variety of available options can make you feel dizzy. The problem gets serious when the tool recommendations are requested by the customer.

Which tools suit best your clients’ needs? What solutions stay within budget? And most important – will the customer deal with handling of the products? To answer these questions, we need to consider two points.


The first one is the budget. The cost of using marketing automation tools doesn’t have to be high. There are many tools that you or your customer can use for free. This is a great option if you have a modest budget. Well-used automation tools always bring a lot of benefits, even though they are free. If you have unlimited budget and want to achieve outstanding sales results, you can use a well-developed platform that precisely defines your customers’ needs and send them personalized offers that suit their needs.


The second important issue is user competence and facing new technology. The ability of using the tool is essential for carrying out the activities. If you don’t want your customer to have trouble with handling tools, choose only user-friendly features. Except intuitiveness of the tool, an access to instructional materials is also very important, such as videos, infographics or articles. A great asset would be the ability to contact with Customer Service that would help to clarify any individual doubts.

To sum up, good marketing automation tools should be self-explanatory and easy to use.


SALESmanago is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of dedicated tools for B2B, B2C and Ecommerce customers. The great asset of SALESmanago is that they offer three types of packages:

  • free Basic version,
  • low-budget Pro version,
  • full Entreprise version.

The Basic version already includes features such as 360 Degree Client View and Unlimited Email Marketing. Thanks to this solution, every customer can choose the best tools that will not exceed the budget.