screen_miniNew module in the system is an intuitive creator of email messages and landing pages for marketing campaigns. As it uses drag&drop and set of ready-to-use widgets, it’s easy in edition and styling that even layperson can create professionally-looking newsletter or landing page, which will automatically adapt to recipient’s screen size. RWD has become available in standard for everyone.

These two solutions have been introduced in order to give marketers what they need most today: easy creators allowing for making fully responsive creations. We don’t have to convince anyone that correct, readable display of content on mobile devices is crucial. Circa 21% of messages are read on mobile devices. We describe functionalities offered by new creators below.

Creator of responsive newsletters in SALESmanago

Creator allows for building messages based on columns and rows, into which we insert widgets, filled with content and editable to styling. Therefore we start creating a new message from choosing a template. By default message is 600 px in width, but that parameter can be changed, as well as background of the site and creation itself.

Kreator newsletterów_1_en

That way we prepare a base to be filled with widgets. New columns or rows can be added by clicking on plus sign on the edge.

Available widgets

The tool has a set of widgets, so graphics, texts, lines, buttons, header or automatic unsubscription link can be inserted.

Kreator newsletterów_2_en

The following widgets are:

  • Header: purely textual widget for adding a subject line of an email


  • Text: for inserting bigger amounts of text
  • Image: place for graphics, allows for automatic rounding of the corners or displaying the image in a form of a cycle
  • Divider: adds horizontal separating line. It comes in a couple of variations, colors etc
  • Button: inserts button in 4 sizes. Label, color or rounding the corners can be adjusted
  • Opt-out: contains a traditional unsubscription form with link.

Social widgets

Are vital for marketers today. In creator you will insert easily widgets of most popular social media:

  • Facebook like and share
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Complete message

Message is built from columns, rows where widgets come, and then, finally, from text and graphics. Thanks to that procedure we can be sure that the message will always be displayed properly.



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Creator of responsive landing pages

Its functions don’t differ much from email creator. The main disparity is additional widget: Sign-In Form. It allows to make a form automatically integrated with SALESmanago. It means that each contact will be transferred to the system and monitored. Of course you can also decide which fields are required and style the form and the button according to your company visuals.


Creation preview on mobile devices

In the creator you can see effects of your work thanks to preview representing how your creation will look like on 3 types of devices:

  • Computer/ laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

It will help you see how exactly it looks in various resolutions or how content moves.

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