Everyone is talking about marketing, we are playing it like some athletic activitie, we breathe it day to day. We move quite intuitively in thicket of terms and buzzwords coming from different industries . But sometimes to understand it we have to stop, and in our mind repeat the sentence we’ve heard.


Marketing language is odd. It’s composed of phrases and buzzwords borrowed from other industries, be it psychology, informatics, biology, or even philosophy.  Marketers are producing this phrases like crazy. Some of them, for example marketing mix, permanently enter the dictionaries, but some of them you’ll want to forget pretty quickly.


We’ve already published some sets of useful phrases, and even some sets of annoying buzzwords on our company blogs. We’ve also repeatedly promised to gather them together, freshen them up and make them into full-time-pocket-size-awesome dictionary. And here it is! Created with both professionals and novices in mind, for all of those who want to be up to date with this odd newspeak.


In this ebook you’ll find:

  • list of over 90 terms related to digital marketing in alphabetical order
  • explanation of common abbreviations
  • all of it divided into useful categories

Download the ebook