This time I make a step toward those, who just started their adventure with running a business. We know, that in the times of high competition, when businesses grow like mushrooms a successful market operation is not easy. It is not enough to create a website and offer a wide range of products on competitive prices to become a market leader. Effective marketing is a key to success, and will distinguish your company from the variety of similar ones. It becomes necessary to invest in a Marketing Automation platform and focus on SEO optimization. It needs to be said, that advertising, SEO and automation cannot exist separately – it needs to be an integrated and well-planned strategy. To make your marketing campaign successful, appropriate preparation and conduct are vital. Here, I will share with you 6 steps to a successful campaign. Sounds interesting? Let’s start, then!


1. Create  the goals and KPI’s of your campaign

A campaign without any goals is unfortunately bound to fail.  Determining your goals and KPI’s will allow you to measure the extent, to which your goals were accomplished.  Before you start creating goals you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How long will it take?
  • What budget do I have?
  • What resources do I need?
  • How do I want to accomplish the established goals?

Basing on the SMART model will help you to create specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific goals. An exemplary goal can be: improving sales by x%, generating x number of leads or creating more interest on the corporate website or blog. The advanced analytics will enable you to measure, compare, draw conclusions and react on positive and negative trends in real time.


2. Identify your target audience

Different content, products and distribution channels appeal different people. You will direct a different kind of content to women than to men, to young people than to mature ones. Determining the specific target audience will enable you to personalize the content on a website and in messages (emails, SMS). This will earn interest and engagement of your prospects. Thanks to the creation a Buyer Persona, a profile of your ideal customer, you will understand your audience’ behaviour, and you will clearly see what they need and how to deliver it.


3. Plan your content and tools

Marketing Automation gives you access to enormous amount of data about your customers: their habits, interests, demographic profile. This knowledge can be transferred into specific actions. The gathered data can be used for planning the distribution channels and content.

You have a wide choice of channels available:

  • email marketing
  • website marketing
  • social media
  • ad remarketing
  • mobile
  • search engine

Test various scenarios to get to know what resonate positively with your audience. Befriend  with your biggest allies – A/B and A/B/X tests.


4. Create a dedicated landing page

If you lead a marketing campaign you should never, ever direct your customers on a main page of your website. They will be disoriented, as looking for what they are searching for will take ages and will become a main source of frustration and discouragement. A well-constructed, responsive and personalized landing page will allow your customers to focus on what is relevant for your campaign – without unnecessary distraction.

Your landing page should

  • refer to your ads with design and content
  • build trust towards the company
  • lead clearly to your call to action

How to create landing pages like a boss? Check here.


5. Nurture your leads

Any marketing campaign, once brought into operation,  cannot be left alone. You need to ensure good relations with your potential customers, build the notion of trust, educate and increase loyalty of the current customers. Here, Lead Nurturing comes with a great help. Its goal is to maintain the contact with the prospect customer, to communicate the key ideas of the product or service and to indicate the best time to purchase.


6. Lead detailed analyses

Every marketing action you take needs to be a subject of a detailed and meticulous analysis. Through the analysis you will learn if you have achieved your success. There are specific tools, that allow such analyses. A SALESmanago platform, in which you will find complex tools of the main marketing and sales processes enables to precisely control the progress of the marketing and sales campaigns. The analysis will allow to verify and improve the campaign if needed. It will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign which will allow you to draw conclusions and lead more successful actions in the future. Preparing a detailed report will help to repeat the previously achieved success and enrich the current knowledge about your customers.


Try SALESmanago for 30 days for free and start leading successful marketing campaigns!