stock-image-90226518It’s high time to end with traditional bulk newsletters and replace them … with what? Below we list the best ideas for unique personalized email campaigns that unlock the potential of Email Marketing Automation.

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1. Abandoned Cart Rescue Email

It’s one of the most popular solutions for ecommerce. When someone adds products to cart and doesn’t finalize the transaction, send her a reminder with abandoned items. Such messages show 621% higher conversion and translate into higher sales.


2. Welcome Message

After a user subscribes, send her a welcome message in which you’ll thank for her trust. You can also use the message to:

  • educate the customer (present the most helpful or most read blog posts or materials
  • show the most popular products


3. Social proof

A good idea to present the product in a non-invasive way is to demonstrate how other customers use it. Such messages can involve customer reviews, user-generated content or outcomes of cooperation with influencers.


4. Order confirmation

Send a transactional email ensuring that the order has arrived and when the item will be delivered. You can also provide valuable information about the product there.


5. Last Chance!

Refer to scarcity and tell the customer when the products she viewed or might be interested in are running out. It’s the last Chance to get these!


6. For VIPs only

From time to time spoil your most loyal customers with a special offer. Segment them out using scoring and present them something unique. Create the sense of exclusiveness with phrases like „Only for you“ or „We never do this”.


7. Ask for Review

Another great idea for a transactional email. After customer got the product and had some time to try it, send an email asking how is the product working out for her and if you can be of any help. By the way, encourage her to review the product. If you still aren’t sure why to invest in obtaining reviews, read our ebook about winning the Zero Moment of Truth.


8. New stock

When a new product arrives in the category that interests a particular user, let her know. If something similar or complimentary to previously bought items appears, send an email. „New“ is a power word. Combine the knowledge about what user seeks with the effect of novelty.


9. Win back campaign

A great tool for keeping your list clean and reliable. Segment out inactive contacts and send them a special offer and then remove the addresses that don’t respond to multiple emails.


10. Birthday email

A nice way to increase sales and build personal relationships with your audience. Automatic emails sent before birthday will share positive emotions.