Brace yourself, the holiday season is coming! And this means that every one of us will shop like crazy on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or later during the month of December. For an E-commerce businesses it’s a great opportunity to increase sales by preparing tempting offers for their customers. But how to do it effectively? We have prepared some statistics that will show you the way to customers’ hearts!

Promotions start before Halloween!

Conclusions? If you are among businesses that delay the start of their promotional actions, you risk that your voice will not be heard in the holiday marketing noise. Sending last minute emails is not a very effective strategy. It has much more sense to plan promotions and mailings beforehand. Prepare offers with content adapted to every recipient and send them in response to their behavior on the website, like abandoning a shopping cart or viewing products. You can implement this kind of mechanisms thanks to marketing automation platform. The features such as automation rules or workflows allow crafting a variety of advanced scenarios in multiple channels: email, SMS, web push, social media… You can find your potential customer everywhere!

Why do that? It’s simple – OR and CTR of messages sent from automation rules or workflows are higher and can reach even 40%! What is more, planning and starting marketing campaigns in advance will not only attract customers’ attention early but will also let you analyze and optimize the results. This way in the decisive moment, that is the peak of holiday shopping, your marketing activities will be highly effective.


An increase in e-commerce sales, but also more competitors

  • Holiday shopping e-commerce is projected to increase by 16.2% compared to the previous year (Statista).
  • Global retail e-commerce is projected to grow to 4.88 trillion dollars in 2021 (Statista).

Every year e-commerce sales grow during the holiday season. But one should bear in mind that new e-commerce stores spring up like mushrooms. At the end of the year, thousands of your competitors will tease consumers with offers and promotions. Customers are ready to spend small fortunes on holiday gifts, but how to encourage them to do it in your store? The response is content personalization.


Why personalization?

  • Many companies still don’t see the potential of personalization – only 7% point it as their priority (Econsultancy).
  • 74% of online shoppers are dissatisfied when the website content (e.g. offers, ads, and promotions) is not adapted to their interests (Janrain).
  • 31% wish their shopping experience was far more personalized than it currently is (Infosys).
  • 62% of consumers expect companies to send personalized offers or discounts based on their shopping history (Salesforce).
  • Personalization brings an average increase of 19% in sales (Monetate).

These statistics show that  when it comes to content personalization, companies still have a lot to improve, although it’s a very effective method for increasing revenue and is very welcomed by many customers. Despite the trend of increasing data protection, many users don’t mind being “tracked” and profiled, if they receive useful content in exchange, such as product recommendations based on their interests. It’s not really a surprise – we are not talking about some spam, mass mailings that tend to be deleted almost immediately, sent carelessly without taking into account the needs and interests of the recipient. Dynamic emails with personalized offers are simply useful and non-intrusive.


What kind of content can be personalized?

Using a Marketing Automation tool you can monitor users’ behavior on your website. The information that you collect can be used to adapt the content to the preferences and interest to every one of your contacts. You can personalize content in many channels, depending on your needs:

  • pop-ups and contact forms,
  • product recommendations on the website,
  • banners on the website,
  • e-mails,
  • SMS,
  • campaigns in RTB networks,
  • mobile apps content.

Advanced features help automatize holiday marketing campaigns and implement highly personalized communication with customers. The end of the year is the perfect moment to try out the possibilities offered by marketing automation. Kick it off before it becomes too late – start 30 days SALESmanago Marketing Automation free trial!