Notinote is a startup with innovative product, but a limited budget that has built a widely recognized brand and a considerable presence in social media, using creative marketing strategies and the most advanced tools. An essential part of their marketing stack is SALESmanago Marketing Automation, a tool that helped the company to automate and optimize many processes and as a result, increase the sales of their devices.

How they have achieved such a success in a relatively short period of time? Read our case study to find out!


About the company

Notinote is a technology company that created and introduced the mini notiOne locator – a small device used to locate the precious everyday objects (such as keys, wallet or even car), people and animals. This Startup from Poznan, Poland has built a recognizable brand in 2 years and has sold already over 50,000 devices, without having corporate budgets at its disposal. The company is famous for extremely effective marketing activities as well as extraordinary and creative campaigns using the latest tools, such as SALESmanago.



Notinote choose SALESmanago as their Marketing Automation platform because they wanted to augment their marketing activities in the following fields:

  • increasing the number of new leads,
  • building customer loyalty,
  • abandoned carts recovery,
  • customer education in order to prepare them for purchase,
  • notifications with information regarding promotions and new products.


Implemented solutions

  • Lead generation – a pop-up with contact form enabled the acquisition of new users interested in the products.
  • Customer segmentation – every user that visits the website is automatically assigned to a segment according to the pages visited and products viewed. Thanks to this solution the customers and potential customers receives relevant messages about specific products that interested them.
  • Personalized newsletters – mass newsletters were personalized with the contact’s name, which gives the emails a more personal touch and makes the company-customer relationship stronger.
  • Dynamic emails – using the information about visited pages to send automated, personalized emails with products that the customer have browsed on the website.
  • Lead nurturing – automated series of educational emails describing the products and explaining their mechanism, sent to the customers that subscribed to the newsletter but didn’t make a purchase.
  • SMS and emails recovering abandoned carts – reminding about products left in the cart via SMS or email to encourage to finish the transaction.
  • Automatic emails send after purchase with information regarding the order – i.e. a link to check the delivery status or get the invoice.
  • Automatic email with satisfaction survey – checking customer satisfaction 14 days after the purchase with a survey that allows the customer to rate the product quality.
  • Web push notifications – a quick way to reach even anonymous users with important information, as well as attractive offers and discounts.



The solutions implemented have brought some impressive results and an increase in sales:

  • 226% higher OR of automatic emails in comparison to mass emails
  • 420% higher CTR of automatic emails in comparison to mass emails
  • 180% higher OR of mass emails in comparison to the market average
  • 200% higher CTR of mass emails in comparison to the market average
  • 300% higher CTR of Web Push notifications in comparison to mass emails


Find out more about how Notinote benefited from Marketing Automation solutions and grown their business, download the full Case Study.